MBE QuickBooks Tips
Kayla Duncan


While running payroll in QuickBooks for the first few weeks of the year, you may have noticed that your Wisconsin Unemployment Tax rate wasn’t correct. This happens because the tax rate changes every year. Although updating your rate in QuickBooks now will not change the rate used for the payrolls already run this year, the calculation will adjust on its own in the next few payrolls to auto-correct. For this reason, it is important to catch this early for smaller adjusted amounts!
You can find your unemployment rate on the Department of Workforce Development website. This is the same site that you file and pay your Wisconsin Unemployment. Contact MBE CPAs if you need assistance with this.

quickbooks logo
  1. Click List on top menu bar
  2. Click on Payroll Item List
  3. Click on WI – Unemployment so it is highlighted in black
  4. On the bottom of the Payroll Item List screen, click on Payroll Item
  5. Click on Edit Payroll Item
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Next again
  8. In the fields for 2017, enter your new rate in each quarter
  9. Click Next (A pop up box may come up warning you of this change – just choose Continue)
  10. Click Next again
  11. Then click Finish