Apps are a great tool to utilize when you want to tailor QuickBooks Online to meet your business’ individual needs. Some of the Apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online have a cost associated with them and some are free. Today, I would like to focus on the free Apps available (because I love free). A few of the most popular free Apps are: Invoice with Google Calendar, Connect to PayPal, and Homebase.

Invoice with Google Calendar

  • Track all your important dates, such as meetings that you will need to invoice for later
  • Easy access within the QuickBooks Online Invoice screen
  • Choose the event and QuickBooks will import the date, description and the hours worked

This App will save time when creating invoices by skipping the data entry.

Connect PayPal

  • Review all PayPal transactions before adding them into QuickBooks Online
  • Capture more detail on sales receipts-see items sold, discounts, shipping and tax (when available)
  • Fees get tracked separately directly to the expense account

This App prevents you from having to manually enter each PayPal transaction.


  • Track hours with a free time clock utilized in any web browser
    • Including breaks and overtime
  • Automatically sync to the cloud
  • Online scheduling to send to employees through email or text
    • Easier to manage, make changes, or put in time-off requests
  • Stay connected to team members with a built-in messenger-utilize the app on your phone

This App will make payroll a breeze and keep track of every member on the team!

There are also many other Apps to choose from. If you ever find yourself wondering if QuickBooks Online can do something, ask your friendly QuickBooks Proadvisors HERE!

You can also learn more about QuickBooks Online Apps by clicking HERE.*The above Apps are just suggestions. We do not sell or manage any of the Apps discussed.*