Grant Stellmacher
Grant Stellmacher

Name: Grant Stellmacher

Where you’re from: Baraboo WI, Class of 2016

University that you attend: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

How long you have been working at MBE CPAs: About a month!

Job description/what you’re doing while you’re here: I am a summer intern excited to learn and grow through any task that I could be assigned (with guidance).

Favorite part of working here so far: I love that everyone is open to answer any questions I may come up with. It is also exciting to see that MBE is quickly expanding and that they push their employees to take on more challenging tasks as they gain experience.

Where you would like to see yourself in 5 years: Currently, I see myself either enjoying a career in the Air Force as a Finance Officer upon commissioning, or working in Baraboo for an outstanding accounting firm. It is also a goal of mine to obtain my master’s degree in Accounting and CPA license as I graduate Whitewater.

Fun fact about you: Somehow, I managed to break my left arm twice in the same location. I have also swum on one breath for 100m underwater, and am open-water scuba certified by PADI.

Anything else you’d like to share: During the school year, I am a cadet with the Air Force ROTC program. Being a part of this program is congruent with my passing of the Department of Defense’s medical evaluation, and I still await a verdict pertaining to a high school knee injury. If I am able to continue with this program, I will commission spring 2021; however, without clearance, I will graduate from Whitewater with a BBA in Accounting spring 2020.